The Netherlands Heart Institute encourages young, talented researchers and coaches them to the top.

To help you find funds that are suited for young talents, we provide an overview on this page.

NLHI Fellowship funds

The NLHI endorses talent by providing a grant for talented PhD students and postdocs with the possibility to work at a foreign, internationally recognized institute. Every year the NLHI awards up to 4 fellowships to young scientists, allowing them to work abroad for up to a year. The idea behind the fellowships is for young people to both develop themselves and to bring skills and knowledge back to Dutch academic hospitals.

Einthoven dissertation prizes

The Einthoven dissertation prize is a joint initiative of the NLHI and the Netherlands Society for Cardiology (NVVC). The prize is named after one of the Dutch Nobel Prize winners, Willem Einthoven, founder of the ECG. It is an annual contest for the best cardiovascular thesis in the Netherlands. This prize is very popular and prestigious.

Out-of-the-box calls in DCVA consortia

Consortia supported by Netherlands Heart Foundation and Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA) contain Young Talent Programs. Within these programs ‘Out-of-the-Box’ calls are opened on a regular basis. Open calls are published in the NLHI newsletter and of this website.

List of DCVA consortia

Newsletter and News archives

Hartstichting Dekkerbeurzen

Netherlands Heart Foundation open calls for a variety of Dekkerbeurzen. Calls are published on the Hartstichting website.

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