The DCVA Leadership Program creates a network of talented and dedicated people who are seen as leaders in the future cardiovascular arena.

As one of the founding fathers of the umbrella organisation Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA), the NLHI fully supports and participates in the DCVA Leadership Program.

Program design
Every two years a group of 15 participants will start the 2-year program. These participants are divided in multidisciplinary groups having roots in various segments of the cardiovascular field. Each group works on a complex current challenge provided by NLHI and other partners of the DCVA.

Besides 3 training days, participants will go on a trip, in the Netherlands and possibly abroad, to work collaboratively as a group on their challenges. The program is being directed by Professor Leon de Windt, Chair of the DCVA Talent Program.

Who can participate?
We are continuously looking for dedicated people who have the potential to be renowned future leaders of the cardiovascular field, participants of the DCVA Leadership Program:

  • have been active in the cardiovascular field for multiple years (e.g. as a healthcare professional, researcher, patient, expert or entrepreneur);
  • have affection for solving complex problems and tasks;
  • contribute to collaboration in multidisciplinary teams;
  • master the Dutch language sufficiently;
  • desire to contribute to the aims and goals of the DCVA (reduction of cardiovascular disease burden)

For details on requirements, application and deadlines visit the DCVA website.

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