Over the years the Service center is Utrecht has become an important asset of the Netherlands Heart Institute.

From its establishment, the NLHI has valued the possibility to be in the lead of cooperative research projects. Initially the goal was to grant central access to patient populations for clinical studies. Nowadays the NLHI provides infrastructure for contract management and human resources.

Researchers that are to work in multiple Dutch centers can be appointed on neutral ground that is the NLHI. Project managers from the NLHI service center support grant writing from a perspective focused on cooperation. Academic centers can join international consortia as one under the umbrella of the NLHI.

In order to support cooperative research projects, the NLHI’s high quality, cost effective project coordinating office is specialized in consortium management and support for writing proposals.

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The managed grants and appointed research personnel are the body of the institute. The laboratories and patient cohorts are provided in kind by the academic cardiology departments. This combination has given the NLHI its widely appreciated flexibility and scientific relevance over the years.

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