Providing a transparent mechanism for samples and data access, NLHI Data- and Biobank (former Durrer Center) benefits the entire scientific community and society. Scientific progress is accelerated by improving transparency of data-access procedures which increases the accessibility of achieved samples.

NLHI Data- and Biobank (former Durrer Center) was founded by the NLHI in 2008. NLHI Data- and Biobank facilitates collaborations in the research community by consolidating and expanding a stable organization by performing dedicated and high quality and durable storage of biological materials (biobanking) and providing support in data management and stewardship (research data management).

NLHI Data- and Biobank offers (logistic) procedures, tools and support in implementing these features to give researchers the opportunity to: 

1) efficiently start multi-center initiatives using already existing and sustainable procedures and tools 

2) work according the FAIR principles since samples/data need to be Findable (F), Interoperable (I), Accessible (A) and Reusable (R). 

3) use transparent procedures on data sharing organized by an independent facility (ISO9001:2015 certification). 

As member of the team Data Infrastructure of DCVA, NLHI Durrer Center is responsible for the set up and update of: 

1) the DCVA Catalogue to find already collected cardiovascular data and biosamples for reuse 

2) a guide on infrastructure that helps researchers to find the services to compose / execute research Priorities of the Data Infrastructure team are A) making data available to collaborate and exchange data, B) strengthen facilities for registry-based research, C) implement a national platform for cardiovascular patient, including the possibility to donate date and D) make available biological samples and heart tissue for research. 

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