The NLHI creates optimal circumstances for cardiovascular research by providing infrastructure that is best organized centrally, proactive and project transcendent.

NLHI Concor Registry

CONCOR registration of congenital cardiovascular abnormalities.
Holds more than 17.000 participants.

Preclinical Trials Registry

Comprehensive database of preclinical animal study protocols. Aims to increase transparency, avoid duplication, and reduce reporting bias.

NLHI Durrer Center

Dedicated, high quality and durable storage of biological materials (biobanking), data management and stewardship.

Project Management

Project Coordinating Office specialized in consortium management and support, patient participation and writing research proposals.

NLHI Hartenbank

Centralized platform for cardiac biobanking and data management.
Started in 2020.

Room Rental

NLHI participates in the Holland Heart House where meeting rooms and work spaces are available, next to Utrecht Central Station.

NLHI National Registry

This Dutch Cardiomyopathy Database will serve as a registry framework for cardiomyopathy research