The prehospital triage of chest pain is an increasing topic of interest. With increasing overcrowding of emergency departments and chest pain units and increasing healthcare costs; more efficient and cost-effective innovation are urgently needed


Cyril Camaro, Niles van Royen (RadboudUMC) 

Mark Boogers (LUMC)

Pim van der Harst (UMC Utrecht)

Arnoud van ‘t Hof, Jur ten Berg and Willemsen (Maastricht UMC/Nieuwegein)

Ralf Harskamp (Amsterdam UMC)

Non academic centers: Catharina Hospital Eindhoven (Pieter-Jan Vlaar), Viecuri Venlo (Braim Rahel/Joan Meeder), Zwolle (van Dongen, Tolsma Fokkert)

Start date: May 2023

Proposed activitities for 24 months
  1. Setting up a national consortium with all research departments in prehospital triage ACS
  2. Regular meetings in the holland heart house with the working group
  3. Writing a consensus paper on prehospital triage chest pain / ACS
  4. Reinforce the national collaboration between cardiologists, general practitioners, ambulance paramedics and clinical chemists
  5. Promoting international network activities (acute cardiovascular care association of the European Society of Cardiology) en seeking collaboration with international research departments on prehospital triage ACS (Denmark Aarhus University, Switzerland Basel university hospital
  6. Strengthen the collaboration with established research groups: writing meta-analysis, promoting common research in prehospital triage 
  7. Meeting with science council of the Dutch society of Cardiology (NVVC) to submit this topic on the knowledge agenda (Kennisagenda NVVC)
  8. Setting up the Dutch registry of cardiac amyloidosis; This lays a foundation for new clinical studies, registry-based trials and Dutch analysis of new therapy in patients with cardiac amyloidosis.
  9. Promote common national research on cardiac amyloidosis; Due to the composition and binding effect of the working group, scientific research into this rare disease is better streamlined, leaving room for new national initiatives. If they arise, joint grant applications (inter)nationally.
  10. Promoting international network and research (Berlin, London, Pavia); By organizing the experts involved within the Netherlands in a national working group, it is possible to speak with one voice on behalf of the working group.

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