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Electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI)  is a non-invasive technique to describe intracardiac depolarization and repolarization. Commercial tools are available to describe these patterns for the epicardium. Unfortunately, these tools lack precision in clinical practice. Recently, ECGi has become of interest to more precisely non-invasively study depolarization and repolarization sequences in patients with inherited cardiomyopathies and patient who were resuscitated from sudden cardiac death. To adequately use ECGi in clinical practice several research groups are working to improve the ECGi technique. We propose the formation of an ECGi working group to boost the progress of this technique and to improve collaboration between the different research groups in the Netherlands. 

List of members: 

  • Amsterdam UMC: Ruben Coronel, Veronique Meijborg,  Mario Götte, Pranav Bhagirath, Pieter Postema, Machteld Boonstra 
  • Maastricht UMC: Matthijs Cluitmans, Job Stoks, Uyen Nguyen, Karin Smits
  • Maastricht University: Joel Karel, Ralf Peeters
  • PEACS: Peter van Dam 
  • Radboud Universiteit: Thom Oostendorp 
  • UMC Utrecht: Peter Loh, Rutger Hassink, Rob Roudijk, Manon Kloosterman, Iris van der Schaaf, Lisa Verheul, Diantha Schipaanboord


The ECGi working group will focus on collaboration, knowledge exchange and coordination of the individual research projects. In a joint national collaborative project, all Dutch experts in the field of ECGi will work together on a multidimensional project.

During meetings the working group will focus on:

  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Data exchange
  • Coordination of the research projects
  • Consensus in electrode set-iups and cardiac source models
  • Establish a joint national collaborative project.

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