Heart failure results in substantial mortality, morbidity and clinical decline, often marked by hospital admissions for fluid congestion. These congestion-related hospitalizations are not only a marker of poor prognosis, they also impair quality of life and pose a substantial burden on patients and healthcare resources. Although pharmacological and technical advances have greatly improved the quality of life and survival of patients with heart failure over the past decades, preventing heart failure related hospitalizations remains a challenge. Remote monitoring can currently be delivered using a range of (multisensory) devices, all aiming at early detection of worsening hemodynamics and impending fluid retention in order to provide a timely window for (pharmacological) intervention and avoid a congestion-related hospitalization. This working group aims to address the current gaps in evidence and challenges in remote monitoring in heart failure.


Dr. Saskia L.M.A. Beeres, Dr. Anastasia D. Egorova (LUMC)

Dr. J. Jasper Brugts (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Linda W. van Laake, prof. dr. Mathias Meine (UMCU)

Dr. Twan M.W. van Stipdonk, prof. dr. Hans-Peter Brunner-La Rocca (MUMC+) 

Dr. Alexander Maass (UMCG)

Dr. Louis Handoko (Amsterdam UMC)

Start date: June 2023

  1. Establishing a national consensus framework on optimal remote monitoring strategies of heart failure (HF) patients, recognizing and addressing specific needs of HF patients with the full range of ejection fraction (HFrEF, HFmEF, HFpEF) and tailoring the current evidence to the Dutch clinical practice.
  2. Supporting institutions in the successful implementation and (regional) roll-out of remote monitoring integrated carepaths to improve HF related outcomes. 
  3. Promoting and expanding an (inter-)national research network focusing on remote monitoring supported care for HF patients. 
  4. Facilitating a dialogue with health care stakeholders to improve the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of current management strategies in HF and promote patient empowerment. 

Intended activities

  • Organizing a dedicated symposium and/or a thematic session during the biannual NVVC meeting.
  • Applying and coordinating joint (inter-)national research grant applications. 
  • Conducting a national survey to understand the current state of practice of remote monitoring of heart failure patients and to identify unmet needs and gaps in knowledge, training and infrastructure.

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