Providing detailed anatomical information combined with tissue characterisation in a radiation free environment, iCMR has gained a lot of attention the last few years. With the availability of MR compatible catheters, RF generators, mapping systems and defibrillators, iCMR guided procedures can now be performed in a clinical setting. Electrophysiological procedures such as flutterablations and, very soon, VT ablations are allready being performed clinically. Other procedures such as iCMR guided myocardial biopsies are being prepared. The Netherlands are a world leader in iCMR with 3 iCMR labs operational. We seek to share experiences in procedures and share and coordinate research in an iCMR working group 

Proposed members:

  • UMCU/Haga
  • AUMC
  • MUMC
  • follow

Start date: End of 2023


Expand the Working group, organize the first meetings, write grant proposals

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