Cardiovascular diseases represent the major cause of death in the developed world. However, the development of novel therapeutics for cardiovascular disease is seriously falling behind other major organ systems and oncology as expressed by the respective number of new therapies that are in clinical testing. In particular, in the development of novel treatments that are based on gene therapy or other advanced therapeutic modalities, the cardiovascular system has experienced significant barriers, like lack of efficient targets, immunological interference, and relatively inefficient gene delivery to target cells in the heart and blood vessels. These translational barriers have prevented effective therapeutic development on a large scale. 


  • Gerard Boink
  • Pieter Doevendans
  • Jolien Roos
  • Klaus Neef

Start date: March 2023

The Working Group on Cardiovascular Gene and Cell Therapy will connect basic and translational researchers and clinicians and reach out to stakeholders, i.e., patient organizations, entrepreneurs, established companies, and ethical and legal scientists, to allow effective development, evaluation and validation of therapeutics and implementation into clinical practice. 
The Working Group will monitor and gather information on activities in the field, initiate and maintain contacts, organize meetings, plan and implement strategies and will serve as a national hub on the promotion of cardiovascular gene and cell therapy.
 Ultimately our aim is

1) to position the Netherlands in a leading position to enable gene therapy research and production on a globally competitive scale, and

2) to establish clinical practice of gene therapy for cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands.

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