Exchange information and discuss challenges in cardiovascular science

The Netherlands Heart Institute aims to establish working groups on issues that matter in cardiovascular science. The working groups aim to bring together the leading researchers on a specific topic to exchange information, build networks and write grant proposals.

The Netherlands Heart Institute supports each study group with a maximum budget of €5.000 per year. This can be used to organise meetings, invite foreign speakers, etcetera. The Netherlands Heart Institute provides meeting rooms in the Holland Heart House in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The NLHI Service center provides logistical support in organizing your events.
On request, one of our project managers will assist you to write a grant proposal.

Study Group activities
The study group meets at least 2 times a year in the Holland Heart House and organizes at least 1 public meeting a year in the Holland Heart House (for example: Thematic session, Site-visit, session during the annual Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting). The study group writes grant proposals if and when there is an appropriate call.

A study group gets support for 2 years after which we will evaluate if the working group has achieved its mission and goals. It can be extended as deemed necessary.

Your proposal
Please send your proposal for a study group to The proposal should include:

  1. the topic of your study group
  2. a short description/introduction of the study group
  3. a preliminary list of members
  4. proposed activities for 24 months

The board of Netherlands Heart Institute, after consulting the heads of the departments Cardiology will select those proposals that fit with the objectives of the institute.
There is no deadline, you can submit your proposal anytime. 

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