The Scientific Council is the embodiment of the cooperative nature of the Netherlands Heart Institute. The Council ensures a broad involvement of the cardiovascular field

Members of the Scientific Council of the Netherlands Heart Institute – both clinicians and basic scientists – are selected for their expertise in cardiovascular scientific research by the heads of Dutch academic departments of cardiology.

The Council is an important platform to create awareness and recruit partners for new interuniversity studies. Both Clinical and Preclinical.

Examples are the Hebe Trial, Race studies and the Biomarcs study. And more recent Seleqt HF and Titrate HF.


Current members are:

Amsterdam Universitair Medisch Centrum
Prof. dr. S.A.J. Chamuleau
Prof. dr. A.C. van Rossum
Dr. C.P. Allaart
Prof. dr. J.R. de Groot
Dr. P. Knaapen
Prof. dr. J. van der Velden

Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Prof. dr. R.A. de Boer
Dr. J. Daemen
Prof. dr. J.W. Roos-Hesselink
Dr. G. van Soest

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht
Prof. dr. P. van der Harst
Prof.dr. P.A.F.M. Doevendans
Dr. L.W. van Laake

Radboud UMC Nijmegen
Prof. dr. N. van Royen
Prof. dr. RJ van Geuns
Prof. dr. R. Nijveldt

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Prof. dr. J.W. Jukema
Dr. N. Ajmone-Marsan
Dr. D. Pijnappels
Dr. A.P. Wijnmaalen

Maastricht UMC/Maastricht University
Prof. dr. K. Vernooy
Dr. Ir. J. Lumens

Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
Prof. dr. D.J. van Veldhuisen
Prof. dr. P. van der Meer
Prof. dr. Rienstra

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