NLHI in this call awards projects that stimulate cooperation between the Dutch academic departments of Cardiology and create opportunities for new funding and excellent science.

Projects typically coonsist of activities by PhD students and Post-Docs joining two or more Dutch academic departments of Cardiology. Within 12 months impact should be made, meaning results in terms of for example pilot data, proof of principle or grant applications to further develop the project.

Proposals are preferred that have the potential of generating future funding, for example by generating pilot data and/or by initiating or strengthening collaborations such as consortia.

5% of the budget needs to be allocated for ‘open science’, meaning for example but not limited to: open access publication fees, open data repositories and data sharing based on the FAIR principles (Findable (F), Interoperable (I), Accessible (A) and Reusable (R))

In the case of preclinical trials, protocols need to be registered at

This is a closed call. Heads of the Dutch academic Cardiology departments can invite project leaders to propose a project. The call for proposals will be distrubuted through the heads of departments and members of the Scientific Council of NLHI.

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