The mission of the NLHI is to develop new, excellent strategies for prevention, diagnosis and cure of cardiovascular disease by promoting cooperation between the cardiology departments of all university hospitals in the Netherlands.

The mission of the NLHI is translated into two overarching goals and corresponding strategies.
These are:

Goal: Realize excellent, innovative cardiovascular research by optimizing cooperation between academic cardiology departments and basic research groups that together build research programs from bench to bedside and improve patient care (implementation).

S1 Promote cooperation by organizing funding for cooperative, innovative research consortia
S2 Promote cooperation by organizing a high quality, cost effective project coordination office specialized in consortium management
S3 Promote cooperation by organizing scientific meetings aimed at networking and knowledge exchange such as the Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting
S4 Create optimal circumstances for cardiovascular research by providing key infrastructure

Goal: Coach talented cardiovascular researchers to the top.

S5 Stimulate talent development by organizing events and networks with talents in the lead.
S6 Stimulate talent development and excellent research by enabling fellows to obtain knowledge and experience abroad and bringing it back home.

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